we used to laugh at my grandpa for his basement full of canned goods, but who's laughing now (still us, canned peas suck)

@christa my ancient fridge has a tiny freezer which is currently about 95% full of frozen peas and spinach, which leaves NO ROOM FOR ICE CREAM 😢

@ranjit what if... pea ice cream? (I actually had this once at a place in AK and it was so good!!)

up until yesterday my lil freezer was full of stock (like a gallon of crab) and future stock (mushroom stems) but I condensed all of those things down so now it's max ice cream time

@christa huh

like you can freeze bananas and mush them up for "ice cream"? or actual ice cream with peas?

anyway i love peas and i also have a tub of fresh peas in the fridge just for snacking and i think i will nibble them now

@ranjit I <3 fresh peas! this ice cream was like a fancy "pea protein" thing, so I think getting there from frozen peas is arduous. I'm sorry if I got your hopes up :/

@ranjit @christa I would invite you over for ice cream but unfortunately we are practicing ICE CREAM SOCIAL DISTANCING

@christa I keep thinking that experience with canned peas must be generational -- we had them as a kid (yuck!) but there's so much more access to fresh produce now

@audrey yeah that's an interesting point! I wasn't sure if my experience of beans & peas always being canned growing up was due to generation or price, since fresh produce still tends to be more expensive than the canned or frozen things

@christa Price was definitely an issue for us, too, and I have a 'hilarious' story about the time my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to take all the labels off the cans

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