for USPS, last night I thought about how when we were talking to caseworkers that worked on tribal TANF in Alaska they told us if we wanted to understand connectivity issues to go to Little Diomede, a tiny island between Russia and the mainland.

it's inaccessible for much of the year—surrounded by sea ice or, when it's melted, the island is too short for an airplane runway.

...but USPS delivers there. not daily, which is the problem we were discussing because benefits enrollment often relies on mailed letters (which is fucked). but consistently

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I don't have first-hand stories on-hand about the role of the post office in Alaska, though I'd love to read them! I did find this blog post that explains some of the ways USPS supports rural Alaskan communities:

I also found this USPS report on the Alaska ByPass from 2011 interesting (screenshots attached). not surprisingly, found it was benefiting private interests on the backs of USPS.

And a nice piece in the Guardian:

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