I'm considering retiring this instance (for many reasons, may write about it), but am not sure where I should create a new fediverse-facing personal account. I'm not familiar with the wider fediverse (single-person instances makes this hard).

I'd like to be a part of a community with aligned values (anti-racist, queer-centric, politically left, into art/weird shit) with solid moderation but large enough to feel ok posting things for fediverse. local-only posting a plus.

any tips?

@christa maybe consider it is anti-racist, politically left, has a lot of artists and people with odd hobbies, and is probably more queer than not. there's a fair bit of gardening, domestic life, programming, pagan practice, pet photos: the normal lives of not-quite-normal people. pretty broad range of neurodiversity and gender diversity, though not so great on the racial diversity. it has a team of mods/admins who are actively (tho not always immediately) responsive to concerns.

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