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whomst will receive my content today


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me: haha i chose the name buttplug for my software ( because its genderless

Preciado’s reading (from Testo Junkie) of Deleuze and Guattari: you are like a little baby. watch this.

nothing has placed me so immediately on a mental goth club dance floor as listening to TR/ST

(reposted to add hashtag for reach! sorry for folks who have already seen)

‪the CTO of twitter showed up to the small-ish meetup about decentralized social media networks last night at the internet archive, recruiting for blue sky.

the meetup was a weird mix for me: some really exciting things about the future of social media, communication, identity, etc—both social and technical—and some total tech bullshit. also, room full of mostly men.

I appreciate how folks from the internet archive strived to make it a welcoming place despite skewed demographics

I don’t mean to keep boosting my own bot but my god california just won’t stop

california politics 

John Patrick Ryan: what drove the interconnection and interoperability of telephone companies (which didn’t actually happen until 1949)—and what will we need to solve for interoperable networks in the future?

at length here:

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Santa Ynez Peak SantaBarbara located at 34.527107,-119.978905. Altitude: 3000m

rabble from planetary, a social media network built on scuttlebutt, on rules for managing the commons (adapted from economist elinor ostrom)

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I ported a Twitter bot to Mastodon for the first time!

since spending more time on the fediverse, I've been missing one of my favorite Twitter bots. it's called California Landscapes, and it's basically just beautiful real-time photos of California. the bot was created by Hunter Owens and powered by images from ALERTWildfire cameras.

if you'd like, you can follow the masto bot here:

and code is available here:

ok so I got duped into believing a joke tweet about jeff bezos making a land acknowledgement while breaking ground on hq3, but I still don't entirely believe it's not real

rip brain wash, tho

long live muddy waters

plus: I hate the grind *and* laundry locker

scheming to revive SF Net. two of these locations are a couple blocks from my apartment. gonna guerilla install and start a decentralized community network

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