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my 2019 Deconstruct Conference talk A Personal Computer for Children of All Cultures is live! i am pretty happy with it!

omg Lee from The Body just released a ripoff of their own shirts for Bernie and I could not have thrown my money at it faster

realizing the one movie I've ever intentionally watched on a plane is Eraserhead. how fucked up is that

it really feels like we're in some kind of disaster preparedness scenario and the facilitator wants us to know exactly how bad all of our shitty decisions up until now were

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Hey #admins, get a load of the "ethics statement" on this asshole's fediverse scraping project:

"Publishing your toots/messages on a server without marking them private or requiring authentication and thus making them available to the web is an act of affirmative consent to allowing others to download those toots/messages [...]"

I recommend suspending the author's instance.

just posted a chill ocean thing because this morning I was at the ocean and it was chill and I miss it: 419-452-4857

the plan / progress:

- ✅set up Lambda function to publish any files newly uploaded to my bucket to a standard URL
- ✅set Twilio TwiML to play media from that URL when folks phone in
- ⬜make an easy way to upload to that S3 bucket from my phone
- ⬜either find a library that will convert from m4a to mp3 so I can use Voice Memos and incorporate as part of above, or (much easier) figure out best way to record to mp3 from my iPhone

ok today I'm starting to build an app to make it easier to update my little synth recording phone line.

still not sure if I want to do ios or web—thinking web because I'm more familiar with it and I could potentially share it/set it up for friends who don't have iphones.

but, I'm also interested in learning something new and having a smooth native app experience, since web uploads on phones are not always great.

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name ideas for FediReads, pls advise

I stayed home from fennesz tonight bc I went to see the body/uniform last night and my old bones can not handle two shows in a row—not when fennesz goes on at 11:30?!

anyway now I’m in bed and a little fomo but also still so happy about this choice. sleep ilu

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I am starting this at 9:45p. it is literally my bedtime. why am I like this (sleepy, obsessive, infinitely optimistic at the time it takes to do things)

I have a feeling I'm going to end up making a tiny iOS app a la Robin Sloan to help me upload my synth recordings. this is surprisingly painful

I miss Phoning It In so much!

I've listened to this recording of Caethua about a million times, esp the first track, If the River Dries Up. (@~3:35)

trying to record and deliver music over telephone has given me new respect for how good these performances sound (acoustic sounds help!)

this morning I decided to create a phone number you can call and hear short little diddlies from my synth: 419-452-4857

I'll update it whenever (at least once a day), so call whenever you want a little bleep bloop!

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