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new bloops4u: short and sweet because I had a few minutes before therapy 🌱


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Mt Tamalpais East Marin located at 37.927601,-122.5783. Altitude: 751m

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A month ago, ZZT community member Asie released their reverse engineered ZZT source code -- not the original source, but a Turbo Pascal project that compiles to an executable byte-identical to the official 3.2 release.

Since then the community has had it under the microscope, documenting inner workings and answering a bunch of long-standing mysteries.

every time I try to render nested layouts in a ruby framework a little part of me dies

I'm nervous to start a new book now because what if it's not as good???

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priestdaddy was FUNNY. like, imagine: laughing?? at a book?? in these times?? ...on nearly every page?? and it's beautiful??? damn

I feel like SF weather is conspiring to keep everyone inside on weekends

new bloops 4u: it's been awhile


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**COVID-19: California to give payments to undocumented immigrants**

"Using mix of taxpayer money and charitable contributions, about 150,000 adults will receive $500 cash payments."

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last week I started helping volunteers at the Science Policy Group at UCSF and Jamal Trulove make, bottle, & distribute hand sanitizer around the Bay (to jails, San Quentin, housing projects, etc). they're pumping out thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and Covid-19 information literally around the clock. mutual aid, not charity. incredibly inspiring.

they're raising funds to continue the operations—every $1 is 2 bottles in our community. plz donate if you're able:

I say this at some regular cadence, but I really miss message boards. most of what I want on the internet is to talk to folks about topics in a considered way, without having to be online at all times to catch the fleeting convo, something that organizing the web around profiles and feeds has made impossible.

talking with Tawana brought me a lot of hope and reflection about the relationship between technology and power (both people and state), and the importance of alternate futures, creativity, and human agency within leftist movements. it also led me to dig into the work and legacy of Grace Lee Boggs, of which Tawana is a part. reading Boggs' work the last month has been such a light in an otherwise dark time.

grateful for this convo; hope it leads other folks somewhere light, too.

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I was lucky to interview Tawana Petty, director of the Data Justice program at the Detroit Community Technology Project, for our upcoming Logic issue & it's now available to read for free online:

in the convo, she tells the story from Detroit of community organizing around technology, the importance of creating alternate positive visions, and the disparate racial stakes of surveillance that have only become more real and pressing with Covid-19.

it is not enough to organize against; we need to each have a vision to organize for.

I think the Bernie campaign has engaged many people in organizing for that vision, and that work will continue without him in the presidency.

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wanted to share this Grace Lee Boggs quote:

"This is what revolutions are about. They are about creating a new society in the places and spaces left vacant by the disintegration of the old; about evolving to a higher Humanity, not higher buildings; about Love of one another and of the Earth, not Hate; about Hope, not Despair; about saying YES to Life and NO to War; about becoming the change we want to see in the world.”

out of context, it feels a little cheesy; in context it's very tactical

new bloops4u: open to Tubeway Army's Are 'Friends' Electric?, a song of our times


new bloops 4u:

@jim endorses: "that sounds like a music!"


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