"What we are watching, at time of writing, from home, is hockey-stick growth, but for sickness and death."

Today we're releasing the Editors' Note that opens Issue 10: SECURITY, which ships to subscribers next month.


Subscriptions and preorders will also receive a copy of our first pamphlet, THE MAKING OF THE TECH WORKER MOVEMENT by @bentarnoff@twitter.com.

With contributions from @astradisastra@twitter.com, Matt Goerzen, @BiellaColeman@twitter.com, @veenadubal@twitter.com, @eiweil@twitter.com, Joyce S. Lee, Mitch Anzuoni, @DarrenLoucaides@twitter.com, @rianeliza@twitter.com, @Combsthepoet@twitter.com, @flexlibris@twitter.com, and @tinysubversions@twitter.com.

Issue 10: SECURITY is coming.

Subscribe now to get it when it lands in April. Table of contents now online.


We’re excited to be launching a new venture with @FSGOriginals@twitter.com called Logic Books. The first season, to appear this fall, will feature four short books.

In the coming weeks, Electric Eel will be sharing original essays from our authors. Here’s the first. mcdbooks.com/electric_eel/prot

Logic is now on ! You can follow us at logic.camp/@logic.

New to the decentralized web? We have a great interview with @tinysubversions@twitter.com about decentralized social media in our upcoming Security issue. In the meantime, check out his guide: runyourown.social/

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